The first commercial video game


The first commercial video game that came out was the famous Pong, that appeared in the 1980s into a recreation Hall of California. From Pong, video games have suffered a continuous evolution up to the sophisticated close to virtual reality machines that we can now see in many arcades.

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Games puzzle: we will not have to worry about lost under the bed sheets, and save us the terrible trouble seeing that a puzzle can not be finished due to these oversights, normal among children: all online is safe, more rapid, agile, flexible and comfortable!

Hairdresser games: there is a beauty salon, where the children take a roll specific, acquiring and learning the meaning of what it is to have a responsibility. Fashion games: not just about choosing one an other clothing – you need to know to manage to acquire what they need, not everything is possible.

Multitude of other various mini-games there are also: paper stone scissors, games surf, bikes, ponnies and animals, hunting bears with soap bubbles, traverse labyrinths, jump to achieve Awards, cooking… In each room there are two-three games, and in the full world there are many different rooms of the most fun ways.…

Malware, users and online games


How mentioned at the beginning, the number of users that are distended participating games online is very high and more than 70% of people who responded to the survey confessed to play different types of applications in the network. Where they tend to play? Mainly the users play in web pages within social networks, like Facebook, where games such as Farmville Pet Society cause furor and have millions of users.

The handset SR910 Ripjaws supports 7.1 surround sound using 10 drivers audio, 7.1 sound virtual surround that works with Dolby Pro Logic IIx. Microphone has environmental noise-canceling, and headphones are designed for prolonged use.

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In case that does not want to play, you also have the option of using the chat in 3D which allows you to communicate with your friends and also offers you the possibility of easily linking. In the 3D Smeet community you can chat with real people, see videos with them to participate in amazing collective events. Join interactive and more fun way to meet new people on the web. Just boredom!

The Tycoon last year acquired the American firm DLA, that distributes films and television series, as well as content on digital platforms, and is also funding a channel of TV via internet in the United States in conjunction with the Veteran Larry King, a personal friend of Slim news commentator.…